Agreement Thereof

First of all, it was clumsy to use „that“ to refer to the 2002 agreement: in the disputed provision, the 2002 agreement is only one in four plurals. But let us give the author the benefit of the doubt and assume that „this“ actually refers to the 2002 agreement. Importance. What does that mean? Typically, the part here refers to the agreement (the document in which it is written). This means „for this agreement.“ It is often used as an extension (for example. B „parties to this issue“) or to identify the placement of a calendar („as“). This is the „present agreement“ (for example. B „from the date of this agreement“). As a witness, whose undersigned caused the performance of this contract can read how „I confirm that I signed it.“ Try to get past the habit of using it here and here.

Be specific and write „to this agreement“: it is difficult to imagine that „the parties“ refer to anything other than „the parties to this agreement“ (and if there is any doubt, define the parties as „parties“ in the party blocs): you can very well say to remove the „in the witnesses from where“ and simply say that the parties agree to conclude this agreement.“ In essence, the testimony can be read as a witness to read, „to demonstrate consent.“ „The parties agree to enter into this agreement on that date.“ As a witness and witness to this testimony. „As a witness, the parties enforced this agreement.“ If you read „IN WITNESS WHEREOF,“ the parties have made a commitment to execute and provide this agreement, is a statement from both parties that they are signing this contract and implicitly acknowledge that its terms are binding. You can also see „as a witness“ or „as a witness.“ Secondly, we reject the interpretation of the term `here and here` in the integration clause of the 2004 agreement, which must include all subjects either in the 2004 agreement or in the 2002 agreement. This expression – „here and here“ – includes only the object that is shared between the two agreements. Another interpretation, the inclusion of an object in one of the two chords, would nert the difference between „here and here“ and „here or from it.“ The subjunctive rate contains only common themes and disjunctive expression all subjects.

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