Bmw Service Level Agreement

Here`s a top-level view of our CARCHEX Care: FTC offerings: Whatever your driving habits, there is an extended service contract for you. BMW has designed the bmw vehicle protection program to meet your needs. Benefits of the program include: wear and tear – Replacement of front/rear brake pads – Replacement of front/rear brake discs – Clutch replacement – Replacement of wiper sheets (during engine oil service) With the BMW Inclusive service, you can take full advantage of the pleasure of driving. You don`t need to waste a moment thinking about the cost of maintenance, inspection or wear. They make a single payment and, depending on the package/contract chosen, they are entitled to service and maintenance work, the elimination of wear and tear and repairs that go beyond the legal guarantee period. Which package best meets your needs? Choose between BMW Service Inclusive and BMW Service Inclusive Plus. And if you combine the extra BMW Extended Warranty option with the BMW Service Inclusive Plus service package, you have the full range of services. In addition to maintenance work and wear and tear repairs, your right to coverage is extended beyond the legal deadline. Don`t worry, thanks to the „all-inclusive“ feel. Internationality (valid across national borders). Flexibility (you can use the services from all participating BMW dealers). Safety and confidence, thanks to the original replacement parts and professional service. Bmw Mobile Care services only apply if regular motor oil service is performed at a licensed bmw service center.

If you purchase a BMW Service Inclusive package, your application will be automatically extended. BMW North America also offers 24/7 troubleshooting at no additional cost for the first four years of the original operating date. If you are a BMW certified owner, troubleshooting lasts up to six years. Troubleshooting services include towing services, battery starts, locking services, fuel supply, tire changes and traffic disruptions. The bmw Extended Vehicle Protection program gives you a level of security that you won`t find in any third party. This program gives you the certainty that BMW strongly supports your service contract. All repairs are carried out by trained BMW technicians who use only new or recycled BMW parts. An extended BMW warranty is a good way to protect your investment.

For more than 20 years, the CARCHEX team has gone above and beyond to ensure that our customers have the right coverage for their BMW. These additional services are included in all extended protection plans: – Full cost control: maintenance and wear with original BMW Parts combined with service know-how – all at a very attractive fixed price. Maintenance – Engine Oil Service Plus Upgrade – Vehicle Control and Standard Areas – Air Filter Service/Replacement – Fuel Filter Service/Replacement – Microfilter Service/Replacement – Candle Service/Replacement – Brake Fluid Service/Replacement – Extendable: You can update or extend your agreement at any time.

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