Canadian Tax Agreements With Other Countries

Canadian work permits are generally specific to employers, so the foreign worker can only work under certain conditions for that particular employer in Canada. If the foreigner does not have a visa, the application for a work permit can be made in the port of entry, for example. B at the airport or land border. If the foreigner needs an LRT, the application must be filed online with a Canadian visa office abroad. The LRT is issued at the same time as a work permit letter. The work permit itself is issued at the port of entry. A non-resident worker must file a Canadian income tax return by April 30 (or June 15 if he declares the income of an independent activity earned in Canada) to report Canadian source benefits and calculate tax or apply for a Canadian tax exemption under an income tax agreement. All income tax deductions will be used as a credit to the non-resident worker`s final tax debt for the year calculated on the return and any withholding tax on the excess source should be repaid to the non-resident worker by the rating agency (or by Revenue Quebec with respect to a Quebec income tax return) as soon as the tax return has been put in place. Any income tax debt, calculated on the return and beyond the employee`s withholding tax, must be paid before April 30 to avoid penalties and late penalties. If the non-resident taxable person in Canada declares income from self-employment in Canada, the tax due after June 15 is subject to a deduction tax, although at the end of the normal payment period of April 30, late interest will be deducted from any tax due after the normal payment date of April 30.

In order to facilitate the filing of a tax return, the worker must ask the rating agency for either a social security number in Canada or if he is not eligible for a social security number (for example. B, the worker has left Canada and no longer has a valid Canadian work visa), an individual tax identification number. Tax filing is recommended for non-resident workers, even if labour income is exempt from Canadian taxation in accordance with the provisions of an income tax agreement, as they ensure that the rating agency (and Revenue Quebec, in the case of a non-resident who has worked in the province of Quebec) cannot verify and challenge the non-resident exemption after three years. , after Canada`s appropriate tax authority has made a formal declaration of tax return notification. This will provide assurance of the applicability of the tax exemption, otherwise all years in which non-resident workers work in Canada will be open at any time, in the future, to a possible review and reassessment, when registrations may no longer be available to support the non-resident worker`s right to a contract exemption if no Canadian tax return has been filed for them. Import or export involves the wearing of monetary or monetary instruments on one person or on the initiative of another person, including a courier or mail distribution service. There is no direct control over capital movements or other payments made in the country or jurisdiction. The government is actively strengthening its anti-money laundering regime to align itself with international best practices.

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