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1.6.4 Find the corresponding Italian expression of an English expression. 27 1.6.5 Invent a non-existent term or expression in Italian. 28 6.1.2 List of certain expressions of Italian lawyers. 229 1.7.4 Some pages that promote a clear and simplified legal Italian. 38 a separate enforcement action to reduce standby losses for a product category. The latter [4] has also committed to provide an additional reserve loan of EUR 1.5 billion (the second recapitalisation will be used for the collection of these measures). . 2.10 Excessive difference between the basic elements of the sentence (subject, verb, supplements). 61 1.4.3 Translation Strategy (TS) or Justified Translation Path. 16 1.4.5 Using the eBook as a working tool.

19 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Les phases de charge specials (overload, insufficient load and sleep) are done successively without interruption; The normal loading phase is divided into several parts. 2.18 Many technical or bureaucratic technical words 68 1.4.4 Language improvements to language text. 18 2.12 Plenty of often unnecessary words, redundancy, repetitions (doublets or triplets) 62 2.9 Excessive use of kinetic engravings or phrases. 60 acronyms for online dictionaries used in notes and (TS) 84 2.1 Formality, archaeology and rituality of legal language. 45 5.20 COMPLAINT OF BREACH OF CONTRACT, FRAUD AND NEGLIGENCE. 151 6.3.2 List of online dictionary pages for the legal translator. 291 6.2.4 GLOSSGEN – General Legal and Financial Glossary. 239 In November 2008, the Serbian authorities concluded a new standby agreement with LFMI, which was approved in January 2009.

The subscription fee is calculated on the basis of the commission levels applied by investment banks for conditional insurance obligations. 5.30 Sacramento Marina Sleeping Contract. 195 6.1.1 List of the most common English synonyms Double or Triple (Doublets and Triples) 228 . Automatic Bypass: alternative current path (primary or standby) with regard to the indirect TRANSFORMER of CA 2.19 common language words, but with exclusive meaning in the legal field. 71 6.2.2 Main Latin expressions and phrases used in English-language legal texts. 236 2.20 Trend in nominalization (use of subtantifs or adjectives derived from verbs). 72 5.14 MEMORANDUM AND ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION BY XXXX LIMITED. 131 There is a promotion on Amazon.co.uk market place that will start on September 5, 2017 and end on September 6 (only 2 days!) of the LEGAL TRANSLATION text, with 3 incremental increases starting at $2.99, $3.99 and $4.99 including VAT, followed by a return to the original price of $8.55.

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