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A signed GP partnership agreement is essential. Make sure you cover everything you need and learn about the dangers if you don`t have one in our guide. If you are included in the system, be sure to change the partnership agreement to reflect the transfer of funds and possible repayment requirements (if you have to leave the system prematurely or change your clinical commitment). For more information about our medical partnerships or to make an appointment, please contact Ben Madden on 01689 887845 or email him at A Partnership Without a Certificate is the most unstable trade agreement available. Known as the „all-you-can-eat“ partnership, it is governed by the Partnership Act of 1890, which provides dangerously little security for a partnership business in the 21st century. Of particular concern is the fact that a partnership can be immediately dissolved by the unilateral notification of a communication by each partner. If you practice under the NHS, this will result in an additional threat of termination of your contract with NHS England. Make sure other partners are informed of your plans to join the new partnership program and that they know that one of them must sign their support on the application form. A partnership agreement identifies partners` obligations, responsibilities and limitations in a practice. Our long experience in consulting on partnership conflicts informs us about the development of partnership commitments and allows us to propose options and solutions to problems that often lead to conflicts in GP and dental partnerships. If you do not have a partnership agreement, you may be protected by the Partnership Act 1890 .A.

The work we would undertake to develop and develop a new state of partnership is summarized below. It is strongly recommended to document the working relationship between all partners. By doing so, you significantly reduce the risk of potential partnership conflicts. We have adopted an established procedure for the preparation of partnership agreements through a questionnaire. After receiving a completed questionnaire, we can provide a fixed estimate of royalties for the development of a draft partnership agreement. Your GP partnership activity will be tailored to the requirements of your practice. However, this risk can be avoided by ensuring that you maintain a current state of partnership that, if carefully crafted, prevents an unforeseen dissolution or the threat that your GP partnership will be held for ransom by a disgruntled partner. The operational rules of your practice are also defined.

At Hempsons, we have unparalleled experience with GP and dental partnerships. Our partnership activities are comprehensive, flexible and easy to update to reflect changes in your practice. However, the law is outdated and does not cover all aspects you need as part of a GP partnership. In the face of pressure from family physician and dentistry partnerships, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of partnership conflicts we face.

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