Hphconnect User Agreement

2 Recording Memories – To register, you must be an office manager (or superior). It is only necessary to complete the registration of new users online once. Each user within a vendor organization must have a 11-11 Screen 5 – use contract if you don`t want to add a user at that time, you can continue the registration process by clicking Next to switch to screen 6. To add users to your provider`s desktop, fill in all the fields required for the new user. This screen is optional. Harvard Pilgrim imposes a high level of protection, i.e. 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Socket Layer) encryption to secure transfers between a user`s browser and that site. The contents of this site are protected from unauthorized access. The email forms used on our website should not be used for confidential personal medical matters, but for general issues or products.

If you want to discuss personal information about HPHC services, you should call HPHC member services and not use email. We share your comments and questions with our coordinators for members` services and staff who are best placed to answer your questions and concerns, such as covered by personal health information. Your email may not be encrypted and may be viewed and displayed by other users without your knowledge when transmitting it to us. See security by email above. With respect to our interactive web services, such as HPHConnect, Harvard Pilgrim processes all the data we receive confidentially. We will not provide identification information, including name, postal address, email address and telephone number, to third parties unless you authorize such disclosure or disclosure is required by law. To keep your data private, never share your username and password with someone. It`s important to consider the content of the questions, the location of your email account and who can access them outside of yourself.

25 25 Completed Online Registration If you log in to HPHConnect before your registration has been confirmed by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, you don`t have access to HPHConnect, but…… You can view a summary of users you`ve registered waiting for confirmation. 1 State Records Center Search and Request Inventory – Multipurpose Web Address: – Search for each new `Special. 26 Required Documents – Completed HPHConnect Registration File – Signed Confidentiality and Security Agreement – User Agreements concluded and signed  copies of EOP (s)  signed authorization form (s)) (if applicable) to: HPHConnect Administrator Services Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. 1600 Crown Colony Drive Quincy, MA 02169-0913 Fax to: HPHConnect Administrator 866-884-3844 In the normal course of visiting the website HPHC.org by posting pages or downloading information, we will collect and store certain information about your visit automatically.

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