Social Security Agreement Thailand

Formal sector plan (social security): 3% of gross monthly salary (old age benefits). Voluntary policyholders pay an annual lump sum contribution of 5,184 baht (disability and survival benefits). Informal scheme (social security): voluntary insurance for workers in the informal sector. Social insurance: 1% of gross monthly salary (old age benefits). The Ministry of the Interior ( oversees the management of old-age pension. Old age pension (social assistance): 600 baht is paid to people aged 60 to 69; 700 baht aged 70 to 79; 800 baht aged 80 to 89; and 1000 baht aged 90 or over. The Social Security Office ( manages the social security schemes of workers in the formal and informal sector. It`s rare to take action on the Social Security Act, but Juslaws Consult can advise on the impact of the law on your business. In some cases, Juslaws Consult may represent a worker because an employer made social security deductions on behalf of the worker, but never registered the employee.

Juslaws – Consult can also help clients register the fund and ensure that all government requirements are met. First applicable law: implemented in 1990 (social security), 1991, 1998 and 2011; 1990 (illness and illness benefits); 2002 (universal health care). Informal scheme (social security): 70 baht per month (disability and survival benefits) or 100 baht per month (old age, disability and survival benefits). Additional contributions are possible for the old age allowance. . The Social Office may suspend benefits if the insured no longer meets the requirements. The minimum monthly benefit is equal to 60% of the daily minimum wage multiplied by 26 and cannot exceed 60% of the average monthly salary of the insured. Disability pension (formal sector plan): must be unable to work and contribute at least three months in the fifteen months prior to the onset of the entire physical or mental disability.

The benefit is paid at the end of the entitlement to sickness pay. The employer must provide the names of its employees, their salaries, and any other information that the Social Security Office may require, within 30 days of the date on which employees are insured by the Fund. When a company has submitted employee names, social services issue a certificate to the company and issue cards to all employees. . Family Allowances: Must have a contribution of at least 12 months in the 36 months preceding the month of law. . . . The benefit is paid from the eighth day of unemployment. Physicians employed by social services assess the degree of disability each year. The Medical Committee of the Social Office may suspend the benefit if it finds that the disabled pensioner is rehabilitated. .

Formal-Sector-System: necessary medical care related to childbirth for a woman living with an insured man. Age range (informal sector scheme): a lump sum is paid, plus the balance of any additional contributions.

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