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The term and update declarations in the appendix were developed by the ACCA to provide employers of ACCA students in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with a framework for the development of their own employment contracts. We train more than 10,000 apprentices a year and 75 of the FTSE 100 companies use us for training. We have a team of more than 200 qualified and experienced tutors to provide well-rated courses across the country. It also provides a structure for the training process and provides a definite starting and finishing point – so you know when a student is going to finish their studies. This bilateral agreement between you and your students describes the support you will provide (for example. B paid education, study leave and tutoring) and what you expect from them. To qualify as an accountant, all students must enter into an ACA training agreement for an approved training period with an employer or a ICAEW-approved training leader. It is important to promote and supervise the development of your students throughout the training agreement, not only to ensure that your students receive the training necessary to qualify as an accountant, but to encourage your students to stay in your organization as soon as they are qualified. The training agreement is an important part of the ACA`s training, as it ensures that all ACA students achieve the highest quality and the highest level of training possible. You must register the training contract in the office where the student is based.

The training agreement was updated in November 2017, so please use this version of the training contract for one of your new recruits. It is available for your ACA, Level 4 or Level 7 Learning students. Learning is essentially a place of work with training. You are a fantastic way to acquire a skills through work-based learning, whether you are starting or changing your career or are looking for Upskill. We have established a training agreement for the ICAEW pro forma. It offers the flexibility to insert your policy on evaluation tests, resaction costs and study leave. You can control the length of your students` approved training. This period must be at least two years (if any, as above) or a maximum of five years (unless the student is trained in a strategic degree or other program offered in partnership with an ICAEW learning partner). Our team of 200 qualified and experienced tutors currently trains more than 10,000 apprentices per year. The training agreement is a formally signed document between your organization and each of your students.

It relates exclusively to the ACA. In most countries, labour law requires your organization to provide an employment contract to your employees. It is a different document and distinct from the ACA`s training agreement. For advice on establishing an employment contract, please contact your staff professional or labour lawyer. You can also access general information for the UK on the CASA website. If you have already gained work experience with an ICAEW ATE in the past two years, you may be eligible for a previous work experience credit (CPWE) for up to 12 months, which can reduce your training needs to 24 months. The training agreement has been updated to ensure that it is consistent with the state`s learning rules, is more user-friendly and principled, reflecting the current approaches of many of our registered employers.

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