Unanimous Agreement Crossword Clue

For decades, we have collected tens of thousands of clues and publications from Saul Pwanson`s crossword corpus. Then we manually tagged each person`s race and gender after searching for them. For the purposes of this analysis, we categorized individuals according to the categories of the U.S. Census. We believe that the boundaries between races and genders are social constructs, and their precise delimitations are moving objectives without unanimous consent. We recognize that this is an imperfect method, but that does not change our observation: crossword puzzles are dominated by men of European origin who reserve little room for all others. Look at a more detailed methodology. But before you go too low, let us have an idea of a real crossword. Here is a Mini, composed of clues and answers of real crosswords that we analyzed. It is soluble with both traces; one composed exclusively of non-Hispanic whites, the other of minority races. Agard wanted to bring the experience of transgender people (if a transgender person wants testosterone hormone therapy, she could describe this therapy as „on T“). THE USA Today Puzzle is full of clues like this, which undermine the norm and highlight new people and experiences.

Agard attributes this to its vast team of puzzle designers who bring a multitude of perspectives and ideas. The New York Times crossword puzzles have been criticized for being too old, too white and too manly. They publish more puzzles of men than women, their clues can be a little outdated (and even offensive), and some editors at the top can use their power to maintain the status quo. Many are short and easy to fit in the grid. These names don`t go anywhere because crossword puzzles are built. Short words with frequently used letters (known as crossword puzzles) are perfect for filling the corners and angles of a puzzle. But some publications decide to modernize these responses with new clues and change to whom the answer relates. We have listed all the clues in our database that match your search. There will also be a list of synonyms for your answer. The synonyms were arranged according to the number of characters to be easily found.

As a puzzle enthusiast, I wanted to better understand who is referred to in crossword puzzles — an unexplored piece of this puzzle. I partnered with The Pudding to see if people in crossword puzzles and answers represent the people they could solve. To measure this, we have particularly looked at the indications and answers that contain the names of real people.

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