Vat Agency Agreement

The agent is an obvious agent when the agency relationship is passed on to the third party. The agent whose name is not communicated to the third party in an agency relationship. However, the term „agency“ is used in other situations where VAT treatments are different. I have summarized 3 of the most common situations as follows: Tamara Habberley says that agents must indeed review their agreements, conditions and conditions to ensure that they actually and contractually act as disclosed agents. Otherwise, there is a risk of VAT being taxed. Tripartite transactions are most common in agency situations where a party organizes the provision of goods or services against a commission. Most (but not all) people are aware of this and will be alert to the dangers and will try to get vat points in order. But it`s not always easy: the key to the right VAT treatment is to understand the role of each party – whether it`s a client or a client. – the person enters into a contract on behalf of the original supplier; N.B Sometimes representatives who act as adjudicating entities set a single bill for both goods/services and agency services. In the example above, the agent would issue a single invoice for the sale of the products and agency service to the customer for a total of 230 USD plus 20% VAT 46 USD. Although written contracts between the parties concerned must first be considered, the agreements may not themselves determine the VAT situation, even after considering the six factors mentioned above.

In this situation, beyond the agreements, you need to look at the big picture and consider all the facts, including the merchant`s work practices, to make a decision on agent/principal status. Each case depends on its own circumstances. The concept of the „Agency“ is different in most other EU countries and many third countries. This is because their law is based on Roman legal terms that treat „agents“ as if they buy and sell goods under agreements called „Commission“ agreements. In this case, the law does not recognize a separate provision of agency services to the client. For legal and tax reasons, individuals do, in most cases, enter into a service contract with the staff agency. This is important to individuals, because if the Agency tries to unfairly dismiss them, it gives them rights such as vacation pay, sick pay and legal protection.

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