Access Ni Service Level Agreement

Some confederations provide only services to employers and organizations in certain sectors. There are organizations at the top for nine sectors: the leading organizations generally calculate for the services they provide. Your fee is deducted in addition to the AccessNI fee for a disclosure review. An open umbrella organization provides disclosure services to different types of organizations. Employers and organizations in different regions use an open umbrella organization. A closed umbrella organization provides advertising services for only one sector or geographic area. If you are an umbrella organization or want to become an umbrella organization, you can download the following documents: AccessNI-Dachsfragesbogen; Agreement on the level of service for an umbrella organization; The letter of protection to the umbrella organization; and information brochure for applicants. AccessNI has provided pro forma service level agreements that can be used by umbrella organizations and employers who use their services: for more information about AccessNI, please click here – umbrella organizations submit and manage AccessNI audit requests for employers. Among their services, employers who require a request for disclosure at a higher level should contact us to request it. An umbrella organization is an organization registered by the AccessNI. You are authorized by AccessNI to process personal data.

They send AccessNI standard and improved criminal record reviews for employers and organizations. Organizations do their services can collect royalties. Please note that we do not receive any funding to provide this service, which is why we have included an administration fee in the price. I`m a volunteer, could I have another NI-Check access? FRCI is an umbrella organization registered with Access NI; We offer a discreet professional audit service to employers and voluntary organisations in Northern Ireland. FRCI has a team of dedicated and competent employees who provide your company with the advice it needs to use this service successfully. You can sign up for this verification service by entering into a service level agreement. An NI Access exam is a criminal record review for people living or working in Northern Ireland. There are three basic test levels, Standard and Enhanced. You can request a basic disclosure via NI Access as an individual. Frci is committed to people`s access opportunities, which is why our ACCESS NI audit service is primarily aimed at removing barriers to participation and enabling employer and volunteer groups to make recruitment decisions safely. All levels of NI Access applications are complemented by a separate web portal. The service level agreement with NI Access is 28 days.

DOCUMENT A – GI AccessNI Vetting Process – Changes to Disclosure – Barring 2012 Download the AccessNI Service Level Agreement model. 2 The applicant must register with NI Direct and create an account and then follow the instructions for use. Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) has signed a service level agreement with the Northern Ireland Sports Forum (NISF) (NISF is an accessNI-approved umbrella organisation and can file applications with AccessNI for a disclosure certificate for criminal checks on behalf of other non-registered organisations).

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