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(1) give initial preference to unemployed residents, in accordance with the provisions of Directive 2-219.01 (6) (A); and (1) the number of government-funded projects or contracts for which employment contracts have been entered into; b) When selecting unemployed territorial residents in the first register of interview sources for all occupations covered by each labour agreement, The mayor transmits: c) The mayor forwards each labour agreement to the Ministry of Labour no later than 7 calendar days before the start of the project or contract, depending on what is later, and cannot start work related to the aid of the state corresponding with a project or contract until the employment contract is accepted by the Ministry of Labour. (1) The first source of research for collaborators who fill all positions created by the project or contract funded by the State is the first register of sources; Source: does.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/does/page_content/attachments/First%20source%20program%20info_factsheet.pdf TSG has proudly partnered with the DC Department of Employment Services to create a unique opportunity to help businesses meet their obligations first-hand. More than 85% of TSG workers are DC residents, all registered on DOES. By entering into a first source agreement with TSG and IS, your company can account for each of our DC resident workers on your first source report. Using Tsg for your use of work solution is a low risk for you (employees are on our payroll and insurance) and at the same time the best and most reliable way to fulfill your first source obligation. The term „first source“ is not new to the construction community, but the amended law promises a far greater effect than that adopted by the original 1984 Act. Under the original law, the recipient was required to receive at least $100,000 in contracts or other financial assistance from the borough, i.e. in a partisan manner with the district, and 51% of all new construction, apprenticeship or training sites for funded projects were provided to the district residents. In other words, the „primary source“ of employee search for new vacancies was the unemployed population registered with the District Employment Services Department („IS“). The Office of First Source Compliance (OFSC) has updated the First Source Online Information and Registration System (FORRS) to improve monitoring functions and support the first source statement. Some new functions include additional data fields that cover and track direct and indirect labour costs, as well as labour force statistics, such as job titles, personnel division and sources of recommendation for new recruitment, as provided for by the First Sources Act 19-84, D.C Code 219.03. (B) Before the adoption of the employment contract by the Ministry of Employment, any beneficiary under this paragraph chooses whether the 51% of new employees recruited: commercial and economic development, tenant companies in the „Entrepreneur d`entreprise“ programme, the execution of the first source`s employment contracts, see No.

2-1209.08. (J) The Ministry of Employment reviews the applications of the recipients, D.C.

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