Local 793 Union Collective Agreement

Tags: Provincial collective agreement, ratification vote Gallagher said an agreement was reached because the union and employers took a mature approach in discussions and were respectful of each other. He noted that Ken Williams Jr., President of the Pumping Corporation and President of the Crane Rental Association of Ontario (CRAO), performed on behalf of employers following the death of Ray Goodfellow, former president of the CRAO. „All rates and salary increases in the collective agreement are guaranteed by contract over the duration of this collective agreement,“ Peet said in an email. The new collective agreement also strengthens workplace safety, Peet said. The IUOE Local 793 union represents approximately 15,000 crane and heavy machinery operators in Ontario and Nunavut. Through other Aboriginal people, the union represents approximately 400,000 workers in Canada and the United States. Peet also said that the negotiations were not essentially contradictory and resulted in a kind of deal that they describe as a „mutual benefit partnership agreement.“ More than 800 truckers, truckers, craftsmen and other workers at the In Nadeavut iron ore mine in Mary River have ratified a collective agreement with Baffinland Iron Mines Corp. (file photo). „In the collective agreement, both parties confirm their commitment to a true culture of `safety first`, and Baffinland Iron Mines Corp.

reaffirms its responsibility to provide appropriate tools, training, inspections and safety procedures,““ said Peet. Iuoe is a good union, he will ensure the well-being of its members and peace at work with contractors makes a good job for all „In principle, it is a matter of having a partnership agreement if you have two parties who want to negotiate. Baffinland has agreed to negotiate with us. We have worked with them to reach this agreement. We`re trying to find ways for both sides to win,“ Peet said. With respect to Baffinland`s temporary 10 per cent pay cut to all Mary River employees in September 2015, the new collective agreement would prevent this from happening again, Peet suggested. The agreement adds a new provision that ensures that employers provide workers with fall-out protection equipment and safety vests.

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