Opc Foundation License Agreement

This license does not grant you the right to sublicensing, renting, refusing or renting the software in whole or in part. The license is not transferable. On request, however, Advosol may grant a waiver and authorize the transfer of a licence, provided that the new purchaser accepts the terms of that license agreement. If a licence transfer application is accepted, the rights and obligations of this licence agreement are permanently transferred to the new licensee. The previous licensee must destroy all copies of the software (last version and all previous versions) and all associated written documents. The software can be integrated into your application software and can only be distributed as part of your application, only in binary form and for purposes other than software development. Such a distribution of the software is free of additional royalties or royalties. It is strictly forbidden to distribute documentation or part of the software as a source. The OPC Foundation provides different licenses depending on the component and membership status of the user`s sources. A single ZIP file or a single repository may contain several components for which the sources have different licensing models. The valid license is in the header of each source file. opcfoundation.org/license/specifications/1.14/ By downloading or using the Software, you enter into a licensee contract with Advosol Inc.

(„Advosol“), such as the license listed below. If you do not accept the terms of this agreement, do not install the software, destroy all copies of the installation files. License By this contract, Advosol Inc. grants you a non-exclusive license for the use of the software provided and associated documentation (software) depending on the type of license purchased: the customer agrees to strictly comply with all these rules and recognizes that he is responsible for obtaining a license for the export, re-export or import of the software product. The proceeds of the software may not be downloaded or exported or re-exported (i) to or from a national or resident of Cuba, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, Syria or a country in which the United States enters.

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