Rental Agreement Cyprus

Take a camera or notebook so you can recap your views at the end of your appointment. Ask your employer to provide you with a reference confirming your employment so that the officer can check if you are continuing. You carry your ID card and last statement so that the agent can take a copy if necessary. The strongest reference you can have is from your current agent or owner. If you are able to get one of these, take it with you to the ads. As part of the agreement, you will likely have to deposit a refundable deposit (normally equivalent to one month`s rent). You should also get a copy of an inventory of items and property status. Make sure the agent doesn`t charge you a fee for this, as this is not the case in Cyprus. Decide whether the contract should be written in a single or common name. Assignment programs can only be transferred to someone mentioned in the contract. Please explain if the accommodation is cleaned before the start date.

Often, leases contain conditions relating to changes in the rights and obligations of the parties, as different events develop during the tenancy agreement – for example, an increase in rent over time or the tenant`s right to repair the remediation and flooring work, etc. If these events are rare, unforeseen and generally not controlled by the parties to the agreement, the parties may have included in their agreement a clause specifying how rights and obligations are affected in the event of such events. We discuss the following cases where (1) the parties have agreed on the consequences of such unforeseen events and (2) cases in which the parties have not foreseen such events. Based on the above facts, we find it difficult to change the original obligations or create frustration with the lease for reasons related to the appearance of coronavirus or the temporary imposition of government restrictions, unless there is a force majeure clause in the contract. The excerpt above illustrates the difficulty of invoking frustration in leases. It is necessary to overcome the occurrence of a pandemic or the imposition of restrictive conditions on the activity of the tenant/tenant by a government decree. Failure to comply with the above provisions results in the nullity of the agreement and creates legal problems for the landlord in the event of a dispute with the tenant. If there is a verbal tenancy agreement with an uncertain permanent salary, it should not have been more than one year to be valid.

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