Sample Lease Agreement Philippines

It is considered that LESSEE serves as a guarantee to the subtenant for the purposes of the tenancy agreement. LESSEE provides a copy of the sublease contract no later than ten (10) days after the conclusion of the sublease contract. In addition, the LESSEE transfers the percentage of LESSOR`s participation under sublease conditions during the first five (5) days of each calendar month. The owner wishes to lease the property mentioned above for the benefit of the LESSEE, and the LESSEE accepts the lease under the conditions set out in it. 7. Fire hazards and abominable substances. – the LESSEE may not import, store, store or store, without the prior written consent of THEOR, flammable substances or substances that are not appropriately related to the purpose of the lease which could present a fire risk. The LESSEE must also not install appliances, machinery or equipment in rental properties that may cause shocks or abominable noises, or store newspapers, cardboard, wood or other light objects that may expose rented properties to fire or increase the risk of fire on leased property or altering their insurance rate. 2.2. Lessee leaves to OROS the percentage participation in sublease conditions, if any, when it expires. 9. LESSOR`S RIGHT OF ENTRY: The LESSOR or its authorized representative has the right to enter the premises in the presence of the LESSEE or its representative at any appropriate time, in the presence of the LESSEE or its representative, in order to examine or repair them, to present them for the operation and maintenance of the building or to expose the premises rented to DESSEE. or for other legitimate purposes that they consider necessary.

2.Inspection; No guarantee. – LESSOR leases properties leased to LESSEE on the basis „as it is, where is“. Lessee states that it reviewed the rental properties prior to the execution of this lease and acknowledges that it is fully satisfied with the terms of this agreement. The LESSOR does not guarantee the condition, operating or structuring capacity, or the hidden defects of the property that the LESSEE is willing to know because of the obligation to control the LESSEE. 11. The right to enter the premises for the restoration of the real property.- After the failure of the LESSEE or the subtenant, the LESSOR or the subtenant have the right to comply with one of the conditions of this lease or to evacuate and return the premises as provided for here. , or on written notification at the entrance of real estate rented for the same period to enter and take possession of the aforementioned premises, without the need for legal action, hold, conserve and seize such property and objects of the LAC DEESSEE found inside after an inventory of the same in the presence of witnesses, until a date such that all rents were interest , penalties, unpaid electricity bills, damages or other amounts due to LESSOR are paid in full by LESSEE. All these acts that are agreed by LESSEE, which amounts to his voluntary leave in the rented premises without having to be the subject of legal action, and authorizeS LESSOR to use all necessary and appropriate forces to force the doors and actually enter and take possession of the premises, and their entry and the use of appropriate force should not be considered an offence. , are still prosecuted as such or are considered in some way illegal. 3. Previous condition. – A prerequisite for the effectiveness of this lease is that LESSEE submit to LESSOR a copy of its statutes and statutes as well as the last general fact sheet, including a decision of the board of directors, expressly authorizing the company and the person it represents in this case to enter into this lease with THEOR.

, in accordance with the conditions set out in it.

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