Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay Agreement

Staff who had already communicated to the university prior to obtaining a redundancy period are not eligible. Staff members who wish to participate in the plan must voluntarily resign from UMass Lowell or retire by the deadline. The separation date of each employee is subject to the approval of the division head or the dean and the human resources department. A voluntary separation incentive scheme (VSIP), also known as a buy-out, is a lump sum payment to eligible workers who separate by resignation, voluntary retirement or pre-retirement. As reflected in its official title, a decision on a VSIP must be voluntary. Individuals who choose to participate in the VSIP receive a lump sum cash incentive. The cash incentive for eligible workers who, at the time of separation, have at least the following minimum full-time employment at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is described as follows: the VSIP is intended to grant eligible workers who voluntarily self-employed for an independent WSU benefit a retirement date of December 26, 2020 , with the separation benefits described in this document. The VSIP is primarily aimed at employees eligible in the national budgets of the joint venture or the Ru state. However, the WSU may also consider eligible workers in positions financed from other sources, such as external funds. B, if this meets the strategic objectives of the WSU and does not compromise research or contractual obligations. Each application is reviewed individually.

The intention is to involve as many legitimate faculties and collaborators as possible, but each authorization is granted on the basis of the best interests of the university community. Tenured Faculty will dethrone its status after his voluntary retirement on retirement day. The cash package described above is the maximum amount of the VSIP incentive made when the employee`s voluntary separation application was approved. The available VSIP incentive payment can be coordinated with the amount of all benefits related to temporary, temporary, partial or similar benefits, on the basis of a worker`s legal right to compensation, and reduced the amount of benefits. A Voluntary Separation Incentive Scheme (VSIP), also known as a buyout, is a lump sum payment of up to $25,000, which is offered to eligible federal employees to encourage them to voluntarily separate through resignation, voluntary retirement or early retirement. When a federal agency is reduced or restructured, it can offer a VSIP to eligible employees who are no longer required to staff. Federal public servants who are offered a VSIP must meet the general conditions for granting the authorization to take them in advance. The federal employee concerned must: The VSIP payment is the amount that workers would receive as severance pay, or an amount that must not exceed $25,000. Involuntary separations are refunded.

Since the Agency`s departure is a voluntary measure, staff are not entitled to severance pay and THE VSIP.

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