What Is An Agreement Study

There are many methods for assessing the adequacy of two measurement methods. According to Liao and Capen [2], existing approaches can be divided into three categories. The first category is the hypothesis test approach that tests the deviation from the perfect match (i.e. the interception equal to 0 and the slope equal to 1). The second category is an index approach that includes the first commonly used correlation coefficient, the intraclassizine correlation coefficient (ICC), the correlation coefficient (CCC) [3] and the improved CCC [4] and many others. The improvement in the match coefficient also takes into account the variability of each measurement method in assessing the consistency between the two measurement methods. The third category is an approach to the interval. The earliest approach in this category is the Bland-Altman [5] approach, which uses an approximate confidence interval of 95% for difference as a compliance limit with an additional average difference diagram. The limitations of the agreement are directly related to the expertise of practitioners. This approach is simple and intuitive to implement and has generated many applications as a favorite for medical researchers. However, there are some concerns when one re-enters this approach into real-life examples with difficulty, such as the validity of hypotheses, artifact bias and trend, etc.[6-12]. For more details, see Liao and Capen [9]. In order to overcome the constraints imposed on the Bland-Altman approach, Liao and Capen [9] proposed an interval approach to address more complex scenarios in practice and provide more information.

This new approach includes Bland-Altman`s approach as a particular case and evaluates match by defining a match interval for each mated observation and assessing total matching (a coded R function has been developed to implement these intervals). Advice contract: a personal agreement between teachers or other academic staff and outside institutions in which the university is not involved. This activity is independent of the university and the agreements are not signed or verified by the university. There are different types of research-related contracts (often called agreements). They vary depending on the funder and the type of research. Haber M, Barnhart HX. Compliance coefficients for fixed observers. Stat Methods Med Res 2006;15:255-71. As noted in Liao [16], sample size is an increasing function of the probability of tolerance β a decreasing function of the disordance rate α. The disordance rate and probability of tolerance play a similar role to that of significant level and power in a Neyman Pearson frame hypothesis test parameter.

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