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Secondment is a period during which an employee temporarily moves from one company or department to another. A secondment is part of your training contract and usually lasts six months or a „headquarters“, although some secondments extend over three months. In keeping with the growing popularity of secondments in some parts of the internal community, the Bank, which increased its own demands for Seconds, went all-in-one and launched a formal De Secondee program. It has asked its external law firms to send one or two lawyers each for six months, at no cost to Morgan Stanley. Even if a company sends only a few employees each year, it may be worth drawing up a posting of workers directive. The Posting Directives usually contain guidelines with regard to: the secondment gives trainees an overview of what it is like to be a legal client, which can be extremely useful when the trainee returns to the office of origin. Overall, companies benefit from the new skills that apprentices learn during secondment and clients benefit from access to well-trained legal resources that have a better understanding of their needs. We interviewed many lawyers who have made secondments and all expressed the belief that they significantly improve the experience of the training contract. Some companies also offer international secondments that allow trainees to discover the differences between UK companies and companies abroad. As these detachments tend to be more competitive, you need to evaluate your options at an early stage. Secondments are offered to allow the employee to develop his career and to help him develop certain skills that will improve his CV and help him return to his original position. Depending on the type of work or the host company, posting can allow workers to learn new skills, which significantly improves their professional development. Many companies offer the opportunity to spend time with a client or colleagues abroad.

These are called secondary and can be a great opportunity to give added value to your training.. . . .

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