Share Purchase Agreement No Consideration

(c) contributions. All sums to which the company must pay contributions from the date of the agreement under the legislation in force, a pension plan or an agreement concerning a staff pension plan in which the company participates have been paid in full. The entity has put in place appropriate provisions for reserves in the financial statements to meet all contributions that have not been paid because they are not yet due in accordance with the terms of a staff pension plan or related agreements. These definitions are illustrative and need to be adapted to reflect the unique characteristics of each share purchase agreement. A lawyer can check these definitions and advise whether or not they apply in a given situation. This Agreement, including the introduction and „purchase price“ of the list, means the consideration to be paid by the Buyer in accordance with Section 2.2. Conclusion of the sale and purchase of the shares in accordance with the provisions of clause 4.15. Contracts. The company has complied, in all substantive references, with all the conditions of the essential contracts in which it participates and has not performed or performed an act that would invalidate or affect its rights under an essential contract. To the company`s knowledge, there is no allegation or claim that the company has breached, breached or defaulted on a substantial contract in any way in any material way. True, correct and complete copies of all material contracts have been delivered to the buyer. „privileges“ means all rights of pledge, rights of pledge, voting rights, voting rights, voting rights, voting rights, claims, guarantees, restrictions, mortgages, mortgage loan agreements, leases and other property rights, conditional sales contracts or other retention of title, assessments, easements, rights of way, covenants, restrictions, pre-emption rights, legal defaults, interventions and other charges, options or charges of any kind; Enter the number of shares held by the seller.

If the seller owns 100% of the shares, this recital can be modified by the fact that it says: „Considering that the seller owns all the issued and outstanding common shares with no par value per share (the „common shares of the company“) of the company (these common shares are referred to there as „shares“). A lawyer can help draft the applicable text for any other property agreement. Depending on the above-mentioned points that are agreed between the parties, the relevant issues must be clearly reflected in the share sale contract. 4.19. Employment schemes. The company has no obligation, conditional or otherwise, under an employment contract, collective agreement or other employment contract, a contract containing severance pay or severance pay agreements, a compensation conversion contract, a withholding or advisory plan, a retirement or retirement plan, a bonus or profit-benefit plan, a stock option or purchase plan or other employee contract or non-terminable agreement (regardless of whether or not this agreement imposes a termination penalty, a group life, health, health or health insurance plan or program, or any other personnel or ancillary benefit plan, including leave plans or programmes and sickness plans or programmes. . . .

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