Work Ready Participant Agreement

Work Ready, Release Ready is a program funded by the South Australian Department of Corrections and helps offenders develop their skills, confidence and willingness to work. The program helps participants on their way to employment and resettlement in the community when they are released from prison. Workskil Australia offers Ready, Ready work in the following South Australian prisons: The Australian government is committed to working with industry to ensure that the VET sector effectively meets the skills required by employers and supports apprentices and apprentices through the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF). You can also view the current list of subsidized training (STL) online on the Skills and Employment ( website The current OHS can be viewed online – Through the program, participants will understand what is expected in the workplace and help them develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours that will be used to succeed. Ir. A transition to work is necessary. Specifically, it supports participants in this area: The program consists of three phases, which each participant works: In addition, service providers who have provided training under project agreements also have access to projects and fill out participant departure and exit forms if necessary. The Skills and Employment Portal is an online reporting and information management tool used by contracted service providers to create personal profiles of participants, create training accounts for related subsidized training activities, view participants` paid history, and view provider claims. By discussing this before you sign up, your training provider can work with you to identify early what is needed to achieve your training goals and record the strategies in a learning and support plan.

The Participation Agreement sets out the purposes for which personal data is collected by the Minister and how it is used. The Department of State Development (DSD) collects, uses, stores and publishes information on behalf of the Minister only in accordance with South Australia`s Information Privacy Principles. In 2017-2018, the government provided approximately $187 million from FAS to support approximately 50,000 additional apprentices, apprentices, pre-apprentices, pre-trainees and job-related training starts. These projects were funded prior to the start of the SAF National Partnership Agreement (NPSAF). Read the 2017-18 Project Fact Sheet for more information. When you register, your training provider will check if you meet the course entry requirements and assess your learning and support needs in advance. They will also verify your eligibility and collect certain personal information, including: Your training provider will conduct an assessment of your learning and support needs before you can register for a course. This is to ensure that you have the best chance of success in the course of your choice by learning more about your individual needs. In addition to all permanent residence visa holders, the following temporary visa holders are eligible for subsidized education: Call the information line at 1800 506 266 for more information on: Your personal information may also be used to determine future eligibility for subsidized courses and for statistical purposes, including reporting to other entities.

Student/Participant Number and Participant Agreement When you register for a government-funded course, you will receive a participant number (prior to July 1, 2015, it was called the Skills for All Student Number). .

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